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The Significance of Mind Renewal

We are wired for love, which means all our mental circuitry is wired only for the positive, and we have a natural optimism bias wired into us.  Therefore we have an extraordinary ability to determine, achieve, and maintain optimal levels of intelligence, mental health, peace, and happiness.  We can, through conscious effort, gain control of our thoughts and feelings, and in doing so, we can change the programming and chemistry of our brain.

Purpose in pain  

Pain has a way of getting our attention and forcing us to slow down, sometimes it even forces us to take a serious break from our normal routine and rest.  I’m a curious girl and I’ve often wondered if there may be a deeper message to our pain.  I once saw a poster in a chiropractor’s office that confirmed my curiosity and peaked my interest.  It was a picture of an iceberg with wording that said our physical symptoms are only the tip of the iceberg – signaling deeper internal pain.   What if pain is an external signal to deeper unresolved issues?  What if it were possible to use the time presented by our external pain to explore deeper internal issues?  


Poor communication is the #1 issue of concern for people seeking marriage therapy and a major personal issue talked about in individual therapy. Why is communication so difficult - after all, we speak the same language for heaven’s sake! So often it seems impossible to express our needs and concerns in an effective and productive manner. Sometimes it even seems hopeless that we will ever be fully heard or understood by anyone!