​True Reflections Christian Counseling

 Common Treatment Goals

Emotional Health

  • Naming, recognizing, and managing our own feelings
  • Initiating and maintaining close and meaningful relationships
  • Breaking free from self-destructive thought and behavior patterns
  • Honoring others by respecting and loving them without having to change them​
  • Expanding our capacity to resolve conflict maturely and negotiate solutions that consider the  perspectives of others 
  • Grieving well

Spiritual Health

  • Awakening and surrendering to God's love in all circumstances
  • Positioning ourselves to hear God and be aware of His presence in all we say and do
  • Resting attentively in the presence of God, allowing Him to shape our thoughts and actions
  • Understanding our earthly life as a journey of transformation toward an ever-increasing union with God
  • Finding and accepting the true essence of who we are in God
  • Loving others out of a life of love for God
  • Living in committed community that passionately loves Jesus above all else